Association’s history begins on April 2014, but to fully understand the reason for creating it, we need to look back a few years.

In September of 2011, about one hundred youths went through the door of the country’s best high schools.

Each of them had a chance to appear there by courtesy of an educational foundation named by Roman Czernecki EFC. The creator has devoted himself to young people from rural areas. He appreciates the talents of those who had poor conditions to spread their wings.

The selected students all met each other on winter and summer holidays, as well as at other Foundation’s events. For many of them, it was the beginning of new, great friendships.

Warsaw, 25 April 2014. That day, the very first age group of stipendists nearly finished their high school education. They made a decision to meet on a reunion. Not only to remind themselves the great moments or relax before an exams, but also to live out Alumni Society EFC.

Our goal is not only to keep us all in touch, but to also give a helping hand to younger colleagues. We offer them various selections of volunteer jobs and seniorities. With our experiences we are ready to advise with choosing universities or to help accommodate living in new places. Additionally we popularize Foundation’s „Education Dream” programme, for example, by organizing meetings with middle school students.